Monday, September 29, 2008

Well it's my last layout

for sketchesbytamara, It has been an awesome 6 mos. I love sketches, fortunately for me I'm still part of her recipe challenge. Need to be challenge for a layout, checkout the sketchesbytamara recipe challenges. Awesome.

Here is my layout for the Survivor Challenge over at Tallyscrapper

layout had to include the following

* must be 12x12 - done

* must have a stitched edge - stitched the blue pp edge

* must have a paper pieced tree - palm tree

* include an owl, bird, hedgehog or deer - stamped bird

* have 2 photo corners - used as brackets

* journal on a cloud - done

* 3 photos - done

* and title it Life Is Beautiful - done

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

through the years corrugated album

I created this album out of a priority box, to view full directions go to Tallyscrapper blog

Monday, September 22, 2008

Check out

the sketch at Sketches by Tamara, my first thought was eek 6 pictures. After remembering that you are supposed to be inspired by the sketch, and make it your own. I now love the sketch and I pretty much like the way my layout turned out. Here's my layout

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

my recent layouts

Dreamgirls Challenge: Note to self

Tallyscrapper DT call

well I can't believe my term is almost over, I have always enjoyed working with Tally kits. I love the community there and the amazing inspiration..

Go on over and view the DT requirements here

Have fun this is a site where you can easily get addicted

hop on over

to Scrapbook Heaven is having a two week Summer Camp crop with fun challenges and camp patches for you to earn. Look at this cute patch! Each challenge will have it's own patch so head on over and get signed up for camp!

GOODBYE SUMMER CAMP ATTENTION ALL CAMPERS!!! ARE YOU LOOKING FOR FUN, ADVENTURE, ARTS, CRAFTS, SING-A-LONGS AND AN OVERALL GREAT TIME??!!!Join us September 14th-27th for two weeks filled with summer camp fun. Re-live the excitement and memories you experienced as a child as we say "Good-bye, Summer Camp"! Each day of camp gives you the chance to complete badge requirements and earn a new cyber patch. Earn the most patches and you could be named "Best Overall Camper" and win the grand prize -- a fabulous Scrapbook Heaven KIT!! Additional surPRIZES to be awarded thru-out the camp. If you are a SUPER camper and earn all the patches available you will receive the GRAND Prize!!!! All ties will be compiled and a winner will be drawn! We'll have lots of fun teaching tips/techniques, scrapbook challenges and maybe a game or two! Come along and bring a friend. Happy Scrapping and Happy Camping!When: September 14th thru 27th Where: Time: 6 p.m. EST-START

Thursday, September 11, 2008

When terror hit home

I have to say that today has been a very sad day for me because it's September 11 and I have so many awful memories of that day. I have not watched the news cause I remember that day clearly, it seems like yesterday not 7 yrs ago. You see my sister worked at tower 2 and when I first heard on the news on the radio that day here in NY they said a small plane had crashed into the roof of the tower, my first thought was what an idiot. So I changed the station and popped a CD so I can listen to music. I was with my best friend we had just dropped off the kids at school and I was going to drop her off at a job interview. As we get close to the address of her interview she wasn't sure which entrance so she tells me to wait. Now my best friend is hispanic darkskin and within minutes she was out of the building and she said Dolores turn on the radio, it was not a small plane another plane hit the other tower. I suddenly realized OMG my sister. I drove like a mad woman back home, while she called my sister and no answer she kept telling me don't worry she's okay, we called my mother at work her coworker picked up the phone my mother fainted when she heard the news. My other sister was 5 mos pregnant and I was afraid to call her, but I did and we were both crying over the phone she left her job to be with me. We continued to call my little sister and still no answer, then I remembered that my husband works not too far from the towers maybe he can look for her. I was panicked, I couldn't even get my husband on his cell no phones were working. When I finally reached the front of my building the newslady on the radio starts repeating OMGod, OMGod, then she screams and says the building has collapsed, that's when I lost it! As I write this I'm crying because it's just so hard! my friend keeps telling me everything is going to be Okay, she picks me up out of the car and we come inside my pregnant sister arrives within minutes and all we can do is cry, we couldn't even be with our mother to comfort her because she lives in NJ and all the bridges were closed. Then my sister and I watch in horror as the second tower collapses. It just brought us both to our knees. We kept yelling for our little sister Ivy. At 11:00 my dh walks in we just start hugging each other and crying and tell him about Ivy he wants to go back, but we tell him to go and pick up the kids from school. We need them with us. Finally at 11:10 I get a call from my brother, but he doesn't know anything about Ivy, he was calling me to find out if she called me. He said Mom is not doing to good, he's 16 at the time he doesn't know what to do. We tell him to just watch her and keep us informed. At 11:45 my little sister called me she was okay she was stuck in traffic and heard what happened on the radio she was running late to work thank God. She stopped at a bank hysterical crying and made them let her in and explained that she worked there and she was late for a meeting and her boss, her friends they must be dead. She had tried to call us and let us know that she was okay, but there were no phone lines at all. My sister didn't perish thank God, but within 2 weeks she went from a size 6 to a size 1 in clothes she lost 17 co-workers in her area, but the company lost over 200 employees. Today is the hardest for my little sister, and relives that day and it seems during this time she always loses weight. She will never be the same, I don't think none of us are the same. I think about the families who did lose a love one and all I could do today is cry, but I also pray for those families and I ask God to give them strength today and each day, but especially today!
So when I got up this morning at 7am I called her, and I asked how she was feeling, she said much better today because now she has a little one. Who just happened to turn one on the 9 of this month. She is blessed, and we are blessed to still have her.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Dreamgirls Reveal Fly away

I loved this challenge and our Divas created amazing layouts check it out here

Sketches by Tamara reveal

Oh and look ant what the fabulous DT members created here

Treasured Scrapbooking reveal

wow so many reveals for me. I just love creating. Here are my layouts created with Treasured Scrapbooking kit #1, get ready fro some pink paislee, and some Dreamstreet papers

woo hoot

15 yrs friends