Friday, August 14, 2015

To a new journey....Fond memories

It's been way too long since I have blogged, life happened and sadly so has death, and though that is part of life one is never really prepared for it. In the last two months our family has cried over the loss of my mother in law, she was an amazing woman and everyone who met her couldn't help but love her.  She is truly missed.

Last month my son Chris turned 30 for us that was a big moment, but mostly because according to doctors he would live past 10. In honor of his 30th birthday I took him to the happiest place in the world. Disney!
He enjoyed himself, he was truly happy. He did complain about his feet hurting because we walked all day, and he was not happy about being tricked into getting on a roller coaster. I loved hearing him scream OMG, OMG I don't like this. We had a ball.
Today though he will begin a new journey, a journey without one his staff members at the program. She is relocating to another state, to begin her new journey with her family. I know from speaking to her on many occasions that this is what she really wants, but she didn't want to leave because of my son this is her time. Jazmene I want to say that I will miss you, I thank you for loving Chris so much just as much as I love him. I didn't think anyone other than family would love him as much as you do. You have been his voice on many occasions, you have laughed with him and more recently cried with him. You have been his bodyguard on times when he needed defending, other than family you have been his biggest supporter. You have never treated him as though he was mentally disabled, many times I know you have put him in his place and called me to tell me you have understood him from day one for that I will always thank you for loving him and not just doing your job.
I want to say thank you also for being there for me, many times you were an ear I pulled a shoulder I cried on during the rough times with Chris. In my times of despair when I couldn't breathe because I cried so much, you knew my struggles and tried desperately to help. In those times when I just wanted to give up, you were there trying to find answers. When you found a respite program for him to give me a break thank you. You mean the world to us, you are family, you are his big sister even though I swear Chris thinks he's your husband. LOL. We love you and are excited for your new journey....