Sunday, October 5, 2008

Breast Cancer Awareness

I wanted to created a layout to honor my Grandmother

Hidden Journaling "Who would have thought that this would be your last healthy summer. The following year you became pregnant with your 11th child from what I heard you & grandpa were happy. Everything changed when you had the baby. The baby was born abnormal & died a few days later. I can only imagine your loss, but then the unthinkable happened you learned that the baby had cancer which meant you needed to be tested. The results where positive you not only had breast cancer, but it had aready spread to your ovaries. At the age of 42, my age now you needed a double mastectomy and a hysterectomy. As a woman everything was taking away from you. Your body was not the same. My mother says you were sick all the time after that, but you wanted to live because you still had five small children at home. Your older children were married and living their lives, but it saddened them to see you sick. My grandfather adored you and spoke of you all the time. He wanted me to know where I came from. A woman of strength & courage, who fought until her last breath. He said you would have loved me just as much as he did. I loved when he spoke of you, it was as if I could feel your presence and his love for you warmed my heart. "Abuela no te conozi pero fuiste, una inspiracion en mi vida. Yo te ame con todo mi corazon, y abuelito me recordaba todo los dias que me nombraron como a ti. Yo se que algun dia te voy aver en los cielos de Dios" You died Dec. 10, 1964 a day after your 44th birthday. Cancer destroyed your body, but your spirit lives in all of us that knew you, and those that didn't and lived through the history of your existance. Spanish Translation "Grandma I didn't know you but you were an inspiration in my life. I loved you with all my heart, and grandpa always reminded me that I was named after you. I know that one day I will see you in the heavens of God"


Michelle said...

powerful journaling Dolores!what a great tribut to your grandma beautiful page.

Pinky said...

Sucha sweet LOl I love the page but the sentiment is amazing