Tuesday, December 23, 2008

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Here's my layout, for sketches by tamarafor my journaling I will warn you that some of you might be put off by it, but this is what happened and scrapping is not only about the good. I feel that my future nieces & nephews, grandkids should know what really happened in their ancestry. KWIM
So I apologize ahead of time if this has offened you. My journaling is on the tag!



Erin Gudge said...

D, you are so brave and wonderful. I know it must be difficult but hopefully theraputic to put these things into words.

I love you!

KarenB said...

Dolores your layout is absolutely beautiful! Hugs to you for what you went through but scrapping is good therapy and I think you did an excellent job on this!!! Merry Christmas!

photographer said...

so sorry for your pain. your page is beautiful and reflects your inner beauty! i totally understand the loss of your innocence and childhood. take care.

melody zahara said...

beautiful lo chickie..and so proud of you for scrappin *the truth*..you go girl! ..beautiful journaling ~ and hope it was great scrappin therapy for you! big hugz chickie

Pinky said...

Wow Dolores, what an amazing break through! I am so proud of you and it is NOT offensive it is WONDERFUL you feel strong enough to share your story.
What an amazing person you are and this is just beautiful.
I know it comes in spurts and weird places. Half my childhood is completely forgotten due to abuse.
I am sorry you had to endure this and I do understand. I think the scrapping is an amazing way to share your journey.
((big hugs)) Hang in there girl.

debbiefitz said...

D, this page is gorgeous - I know the emotions behind it are not, but you've proven again that you are a survivor. Praying for your peace and healing.

debbiefitz said...
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MichelleStrachan said...

Dolores, thank you for sharing this with us. I knew something had happened to you when you were younger, but never knew what exactly. I hope this helps you heal. You are strong! Your journalling only proves it! And you layout is beautiful, too! (((HUGS!!!)))