Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wacky Wednesday

Wednesdays are the Happy Hump Day, it's the "just 2 more days til the weekend" quote. At Timeless Daydreams we started a Wacky Wednesday Challenge to get your mojo going! This weeks challenge is to create a layout with a minimum of 5 brads. Here's mine can't wait to see what you create!! Oh and you still have time to enter the March Madness Contest, just 4 more days. Timeless Daydreams presents March Madness!!

Are you ready to be our next Guest Designer? Ready for the challenges we'll present?
There will be Five Rounds to participate in.

Enter a layout created within the last 3 months that portrays your best work. This is your official entry!!! The deadline for the Qualifying Round is March 14th.
All entries must be uploaded into the March Madness Gallery under Qualifying Round.
25 Contestants will be picked from this round to move onto the Opening Round - Contestants will be announced March 16th!!!
3 Ladies will be picked from the final round!

You will need a minimum of 25 posts to play.

Good Luck to all who apply!


Anne Marie said...

Love this layout! I really like all the different lettering!

Pinky said...

I love LOVE this layout!!! And i think the Wacky Wednesday is a great idea I am all over it!~