Monday, September 3, 2012

My little ray of sunshine...

my grandson. This past weekend I was babysitting overnight and my first thought when I heard him crying at 1:52 am was noooooo. lol. I got up thinking he was going to be like my children and be wide awake, crying and cranky. Instead when I picked him up he first looked puzzled I'm pretty sure he thought where's my mom, then when I spoke to him those famous words I have been using since he was born. Hey Boo Boo, where's Yogi! He started smiling and cooing even while drinking his milk I can see his dimples clearly. The kid is truly adorable, and I didn't think I could love someone as much as my own kids, okay maybe just a little more. I created a layout for Scrapping Everyday Miracles using photos my daughter took of Chris and his little dimples and that smile that just melts my heart. Thanks for stopping by.


Toni Herron said...

I saw this on the DT reveal on SEM and straight away fell in love with it!
The photos are absolutely adorable! And yes, the cheeky dimples are simply CUTE!


Sherri said...

These photos are so stinkin' cute!!!