Monday, April 9, 2007

I'm Back

Okay so I haven't really been anywhere, just need to get used to blogging. LOL. It's funny when you have your friends telling you "Hey you need to update your blog" little did they know I had truly forgotten about it. I also forgot my info. LOL. Anyway here's my update.
In the month of January I was in a six week competition for a DT spot, called the Crop-Azing Race hosted by timeless Inspirations. The race involved Detour Challenges, Roadblock Challenges and Fast Foward. It was really a fun competition and I was able to create layouts and projects that were way out of my comfort zone. On the last week of the competition I was still in the race, and then it was the final moment when they make the annoucement of who the Grand Prize winner is and the rest of the 3 DT members. Well after the annoucement was made of the 4 DT members I congratulated everyone was talking on the phone with my girlfriend Holly who was also in the competition and we just said okay so we didn't make it but it sure was fun. Well as I say that I look at the Message Board and my eyes went straight to the topic that read "wait...more? Yes" and when I open the topic my friend Holly had made the DT they opened up another spot. I was so excited for her, she was crying and I was laughing then I go post my congrats to her on the forum and then there's another topic that reads "and could it be? The team is now 6." Yes you can guess it was me. OMG I was screaming in poor Holly's ear. OMG, OMG I made it. I was just so excited that we both made it. I'll post some of my LO's and projects created for the competition here.
On another note I entered one of my layouts that was created for the Timeless Inspirations competition in a layout contest at and I won. I could not believe that I won another contest. I can't wait to get my prize for that contest as soon as I do I will take pictures and post here.

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Miss Milissa said...

Your layout was great...that's why you won!!! LOL...thanks for entering. I also added your blog to mine!